Running With A Purpose 

I am running for this position because I want to give back to the community. I believe that my background and experience aligns very well with the requirements of this position. Promoting economic development, rebuilding our public education system, ensuring a healthy Hillsborough and promoting liberty and justice, which are all important values for effective public policy, all align perfectly with my own candidacy’s platform of promoting environmental conservation, planting trees, promoting environmental justice and involving the K-12 schools in conservation efforts.

Strong and sustainable conservation practices help provide a variety of positive economic benefits to our community. Tourism, fishing and many other sectors in our community are dependent on a healthy ecosystem. There are also many health benefits to promoting environmental conservation, such as reduced respiratory issues and cancer rates. In terms of liberty and justice, my campaign’s value of environmental justice speaks to a desire to ensure that past injustices related to environmental racism are reversed. Finally, with my education and teaching background, I also want to involve the K-12 students in the county’s environmental conservation efforts. Experiential learning experiences that are connected to environmental preservation are some of the best investments that we can make in the education of our children.

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 Science-driven Solutions 

Tractor at Work

Promote Farm Conservation

I pledge to work with farmers, businesses, educational institutions and environmental organizations to ensure that farming practices are sustainable and effectively reduce nutrient pollution/runoff as well as soil erosion.

Wetland Creation

Protect Wetlands & Plant Trees

Protecting wetlands and Planting trees, shrubs and grasses in our communities are some of the most important things that we can do to promote environmental conservation and mitigate against climate change. Indeed, we must strengthen our riparian zones as they help filter harmful pollutants out of our waterways and protect our groundwater resources. They also provide critical habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. Trees are also instrumental in holding soil in place and reducing climate change due to their ability to absorb the carbon dioxide.

Environment Activists Protest

Fight for Environmental Justice

I am determined to advance conservation efforts in minority communities. Unfortunately, the development and execution of conservation efforts in Black and Latino communities have historically been sub-par. As a result, these communities have suffered and failed to reap the rewards of a cleaner and healthier environment. Further, interdependence requires us to promote environmental sustainability throughout the entire county.


Engage in Education & Research

With my background in education and research, I will strive to educate all stakeholders, from homeowners and farmers to our next generation of conservationists (little ones), about the efforts that they can undertake to promote environmental sustainability. I will also arm the community with information by leading the commission to conduct surveys and research relating to farm conservation, protecting wetlands, planting trees and environmental justice.